United States History studies the people, events, and themes that have made America into the country that it is today. There are a lot of individual facts to learn along the way, but there are also many deeper concepts like nationalism, racism, and technology that run throughout the course.
US History is a required class for graduation by both WCHS and the state of North Carolina. Students must pass the class with a 70% or higher, but must also pass the EOC exam with a level 3 or 4. You will definitely be challenged in this class, but if you work hard, you will succeed!

Facts about US History:
  • There are 12 goals/ units in the course. Each goal will take us about a week and a half, including a review day and a unit test.
  • We begin by studying George Washington and finish by studying September 11th and the war in Iraq.
  • Each unit test will consist of about 25 multiple choice questions and usually one or two short answer essay questions.

  • There are over 850 total vocabulary words in US History that are specified by the state of North Carolina for us to study.

  • The EOC exam is 100 multiple choice questions in length and is taken the last week of exams.

More information about the EOC

This page has more information about the EOC, including the number of questions from each goal and the scores needed to make each achievement level.

This page contains 20 sample multiple choice questions from old EOC exams and the correct answers.